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From the desk of: Blaz Banic

Time: Late at night

Subject: RE: You have got to try this...


Dear friend,

  • What's the easiest way to get a person to immediately feel that great feeling of complete connection with you?

  • How can you quickly put someone into a waking trance so he or she'll listen and act on your every command?

I can't even begin to describe how excited I am right now.

What I am about to share with you in my special free Audio Newsletter is probably going to get me into a lot of trouble. You see, I might have been just like you only a few years ago, trying to learn how to gain more influence over others and how to become a great communicator.

Then I found the most powerful secret techniques that were and still are used today by the most successful and powerful people in the world to control the minds and responses of others without them even knowing. 

The best part is that once implemented, the one it was used upon thinks his or her actions were their own idea! Yes, I stumbled across something HUGE. The name is covert hypnosis...

I've done all the testing for you and only teach you what works...

During the last four years I've done a lot of scientific research, I bought and read just about every article, book, e-book and home study course on the subject of hypnosis, covert hypnosis, body language and communication that I could get my hands on...


Being a scientist (biologist by education and a medical student at the present), I had to scientifically verify everything to see how and if it worked. So I spent hundreds of hours field-testing everything I've learned.


The sad part was when I learned that about 97% of all information on the Internet is just plain not true or worse, very damaging to the person using it or to the person it being used upon. Many of those "become irresistible overnight" manuals were just a bad attempt to imitate someone else's work without any real knowledge about the subject.


I did, however, stumble upon some information goldmines -- real quality, original, "working in the real world" products. I found that applications of those secrets were limitless and have left a lot of space to improvise and become really good in a very short amount of time.


Sometimes I was just stunned at the power and effectiveness of some of those techniques. It really blew my mind and suddenly it became clear to me, how some people just succeed, while others get nowhere with their life.

I have learned that...

Yes, with covert hypnosis it's possible to learn how to:

Really control and master your emotions and responses

Capture and direct others' imagination to an extent that they'll do anything to have what YOU have to offer

Effectively use your body language to make your communication exponentially more powerful

By far increase the impact you have on others

Boost your sales

Powerfully influence others and make them do what you want

Read people like an opened book

Write enchanting headlines for your web pages

Gain charisma

Make people feel good around you, wanting to see you more often

Become irresistible to the opposite sex no matter of your looks

Instantly change people’s minds to what you want :-)

And much, much more


Well, you are going to learn all that in my free Audio Newsletter. All you have to do is subscribe using the form on bottom of the page. That's it.


You will become a member of my special web pages where you will be able to read articles, chat with others like you, listen to my Audio Newsletter that I'll be sending you once a week, read my reviews of certain products on the net that I've tried and tested so you don't have to and much, much more. 


People usually try learning covert hypnosis the wrong way...

You see, most people when they try to learn covert hypnosis go about it all the wrong way. Some people just read it and don't use what they've learned. Others try it and give up because it didn't work well in the first attempt. Then some people just buy material on it and don't even read it all. You are going to learn it the right way.

  At first, I wanted to do this in a form of an ordinary newsletter, when it suddenly crossed my mind that an "Audio Newsletter" would be so much better for you to comprehend what I mean. And you'll gain so much more when you actually hear how covert hypnosis is done effectively...

You've now got a chance to get your hands on these proven techniques that'll get you unlimited and unfair advantage over others. Sign up by simply filling the form below...

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Blaz Banic


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