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Covert hypnosis and persuasion skills in general will determine how much you make and what kinds of relationships you'll have. They will thus significantly contribute to your general happiness, so...

For a moment minimize all other browser windows, put your cell phone on »silent«, close your messenger, get your favorite beverage, sit down and concentrate on these words because you're about to discover a secret they really don't want you to know...

You probably heard about hypnosis and if you're anything like me, you were very skeptical about its powers. Especially when it comes to the part where you were told you can hypnotize people without them knowing. Like me, you probably were a bit curious, but deep inside you felt like obviously it's a load of bull and there's no way YOU could be hypnotizing anyone without them knowing anything about it.

Yet, something brought you to this article and no matter how much you know about hypnosis, you feel like you'll learn something extremely valuable here. You just might be very surprised...

Covert hypnosis happens every day

You probably hold strong beliefs about certain things. You believe certain things to be true and certain things to be false. But what you probably don't know is that a vast majority of these beliefs aren't a product of your own experience, but rather a product of something someone you trust told you!

And until you think about these beliefs consciously and analyze them, you automatically work with them every day in every situation.

When I was a kid, there was a swimming pool my friends and I used to love to go to many times every summer. One day, one of my relatives told me that a kid almost drowned in that same pool. From that day forward, every time someone suggested we go to that pool, I always wanted to go somewhere else.

I just didn't like it any more. I'd still go to swimming pools, but I avoided this particular one. What happened there? My relative unknowingly planted a suggestion in my mind... »This pool is dangerous! «

Because this person was my relative, a grown-up and someone I trusted, my unconscious mind accepted the suggestion and started to work with this new belief immediately.

So... whenever I thought of going to this particular pool, my unconscious mind, wanting to protect me as always, sent out a warning in a form of a feeling to my conscious mind... fear in a form of »not feeling comfortable with this pool«. So I avoided that pool for many years until my friend once asked me: »Why don't you want to go there? It's great and they renewed it and it really looks good, plus the girls there are pretty fine! «

It was at this time that I first really critically asked myself:  »Why exactly do I feel such an aversion to this particular pool? « After some thought, I remembered the story about that kid that almost drowned. At that time I just told myself: »Is that all? Well, let's go then...« and didn't realize the importance of this whole experience until much, much later...

It was when I started to study hypnosis and the workings of the human mind that I realized how just one suggestion said with proper timing can have such an impact on a person. So, let's now look closer at what exactly is covert hypnosis and how you can utilize it to get what you want from people...

covert hypnosis

Covert hypnosis or conversational hypnosis alternatively, is the art of creating change in people's thought patterns, behavior, feelings and perceptions of the world in a completely unconscious way.

While in a hypnotherapy session, a subject is knowingly induced in a trance and served positive suggestions, it's much different with covert hypnosis.

Here we're not working with relaxing and closed eyes. Eyes of the subject are well open and he or she is wide awake. Trance states we induce in covert hypnosis are different than in ordinary hypnosis, however they share some characteristics... the absence of critical thought and selective, focused thinking.

Suggestions are usually woven into metaphor or presented in an unobvious way, although in some cases they are also given directly. Stories are a great covert hypnosis tool as they can get a message across much better and can be much more memorable.

A story also puts our critical mind to rest. Of course not necessary entirely – you can't go on to tell a story to people that you have the ability to fly or that you went to Mars or similar stuff. Although I know grown-up people that even believe such stories if told by a particular person!

So... it has a lot to do with rapport and trust someone has in the one telling stories.

OK, now you understand the very basics of covert hypnosis. You're aware that it indeed exists and you're probably ready to learn more about this fascinating subject. There are countless techniques out there, some extremely simple and others more complicated, but they all do the job – they give you the ability to predictably get to a favorable outcome in every social situation.

Enjoy your study of covert hypnosis!